Loam in Sefton – Excellent Quality at a Great Price for Your Garden

Loam in SeftonWe provide excellent quality loam in Sefton to all our customers. This has a number of beneficial uses in both gardening and agriculture. Loam soils are made up of differing amounts of sand, silt and clay. They generally contain far more nutrients, moisture and humus than sandy soils. They also allow for good drainage and infiltration of water and air than silt or clay soil. This soil is great as its ability to retain nutrients and water are crucial for most plant varieties. Our topsoil is sandy loam. It is screened before delivery to ensure our customers get the best possible soil.

Sufficient nutrition is extremely important for the growth of all plants. In Sefton, loam is considered to be one of the best topsoils available. Too much water will cause plants to rot. They need a continuous supply of water but not have their roots permanently in water. Too much water will often cause the roots to rot and the plants to die. Loam, with sand, silt and clay perform this function perfectly as the sand allows water to drain while the silt provides nutrition. The clay keeps some of the water in suspension. Loam has a stabilising impact on lawn when it is used as a top dressing.

We offer high quality loam in Sefton as our top soil. We also offer fresh, healthy turf. Our products meet our very high standards and our soil and loam is delivered free of weeds and pebbles. Contact Lindow Turf today and order as much soil or loam as you need. For over 40 years we have been supplying clients in our area with fertile and useful soil for their gardens. Other than soil and turf, we also supply a variety of bark that can be used in different ways. Bark mulch is usually placed on borders or paths whereas our play bark is normally used in schools and day care centres. It is often used in playgrounds to soften the fall when climbing or playing. Choose Lindow Turf for your top quality loam.

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