Turfing Services in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Aside from turf supplies, we also offer topsoil, which makes sure plants get all the right nutrients. We give customers two options to choose from; either our beautiful sandy Screened Top Soil which is ideal for laying lawns on or seeding or our nutritious Border Blend Soil used for Borders and Flower Beds.

Whatever you choose you’ll find all you need for borders, pre-turfing and screened top soils at Lindow Lawn Turf.

As the company has become more established over time, so has our product range and we are now able to supply a variety of different products for landscaping such as MOT, Bark Mulch, Play Bark, Professional Amenity Lawn Seed & Fertilizers. With a selection this vast, we are delighted to be able to cater to all your requirements large or small.


Lindow Lawn Turf is fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent all year round colour. The cultivars used ensure a shade tolerant, low maintenance turf with goods disease resistance keeping future maintenance costs to a minimum. Our turf proves very successful for both private and local authority use, where durable turf is required.

Screened Top Soil

A sandy loam, screened down to approx. 8mm to remove any lumps and stones. This soil is perfect for turfing on and lawn seeding.

Rock Salt

High Quality, low moisture/residue and easy spreading brown Rock Salt, perfect for de-icing footpaths, roads and car parks. Click here to learn more about the uses of rock salt.

Border Blend Soil

This is a premium border and flowerbed soil.

*We estimate the 1 x Bulk Bag of Soil covers approx. 1.5” over a 25m2 area*

Contactors Bark Mulch

Suitable for Borders & Paths etc.

Professional Amenity Lawn Seed

Specially formulated for Lindow Lawn Turf by DLF-Trifolium and used to grow our Turf.

Seed Mix

  • Sauvignon (Loloium Perenne) 20%
  • Cezanne (Festuca Rubra) 20%
  • Herald (Festuca Rubra) 35%
  • Musica (Festuca Rubra) 25%

Granular Fertilizer

Containing over 90% water soluble phosphate which is immediately available to the Turf, providing a healthy root system for optimum nutrient uptake.

Spring/Summer Granular Fertilizer mix

Nitrogen 22%  Phosphate 5%  Potassium 8%.

Autumn Granular Fertilizer mix

Nitrogen 5%  Phosphate 15%  Potassium 30%