Lush, Verdant and Healthy Turf in Alderley Edge for Your Garden

Turf in Alderley EdgeFor lush, verdant and healthy turf in Alderley Edge, get in touch with the specialists, Lindow Turf. We have many decades’ experience in the supply of top quality turf and lawn, soil, bark mulch, screened top soil, rock salt, border blend soil, professional amenity lawn seed, granular fertilizer, seed mix, granular fertilizer mix, and more. No matter how big or small your requirement, we are glad to provide the right products. Our highly trained, experienced team can give you useful advice and assistance. We are proud of our commitment to quality, our affordable and sensible pricing and our 100% focus on customer satisfaction. This is what sets us apart from the others in this sector.

For your garden in Alderley Edge, turf selection has to be done keeping your requirements in mind. There are several different types of turf grasses that are highly diversified in the way they adapt to different growing conditions. Many people, especially homeowners and those who want turf for lawns and gardens, tend to choose turf for appearance, colour, and density. Pricing and recommendations on social media play a big role in the ultimate purchase. We would advise that it’s more important to know the location, use, the kind of traffic across it, and maintenance requirements. Climate, soil type and access to water, environmental limitations, neighbouring plants and trees, as well as susceptibility to pests are other essential factors that determine your choice of turf.

Before you install turf in Alderley Edge, it’s essential to prepare the ground thoroughly. This will keep your lawn healthy and free from weeds and pests. If there is existing turf, it must be completely removed. The soil must be well turned over and cleared of rocks, stones, and weeds and the area should be well raked. This helps to level out the surface and ensure that it’s firm, but not compacted. Contact Lindow Turf for useful tips on caring for your turf. Once it’s laid, it’s important to have a regular schedule for watering, feeding, cleaning and mowing. Whether it’s a residential, sports, commercial or public space, we guarantee a great looking expanse of green.

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