Loam in Cheadle, Perfect for Your Garden’s Plants

Loam in CheadleLoam in Cheadle from Lindow Turf is everything your garden plants desire. Even the word, loam, conjures up in the imagination a magical mixture of all things good. It’s not just dirt; it’s more vital than just dirt. It has the power to make things grow. How often, when reading directions for growing plants do you see listed the need for well draining soil? Almost always. You may not know exactly what that means. Even if the instructions refer to loamy soil you may not have considered that one kind of soil is different from another. Gardening magazines speak of loam but do not always explain the term. Loam is soil made up of equal amounts of sand and silt with a third but smaller portion of clay.

Each component plays a part in the health of your plants. For gardeners and landscapers in Cheadle, loam components are all essential. The silt contributes the needed nutrients. The sand has larger grains so water sifts through, lingering long enough for the roots to receive water but not so long that they drown. A little clay in the mixture stabilises the plants. When you roll loam through your fingers it crumbles easily. You want to work a few inches of loam into your garden soil, tilling it well before planting. The roots will be well nourished and grow strong enough to fight off weather extremes from above and damaging insect invasions below.

You could make your own loam in Cheadle and work it into your garden soil. It’s a little tricky getting the ratios just right or even getting the individual components just right. It’s much easier and less time consuming to buy loam. Ultimately, it may be cheaper as well. However, you need to know you are buying from an honest source. After all, anybody can fill a bag with dirt and mark it as loam. That’s why you want contact Lindow Turf. Our products are all premium; nothing less. That’s true when buying our turf, grass seed, top soil or loam. We’ll demonstrate how you can recognise good quality loam and how it feels to the touch. We also guarantee our products. Our long established business and enviable reputation speaks to our high standards.

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