Loam in Cheshire

Loam in CheshireYou will get the best authentic loam in Cheshire from Lindow Turf. It’s just the right balance of sand, silt and clay. This is what you want for growing plants. The percentage of organics is high, the various sized particles make spaces for water and air. The water has minerals the roots need so you want the right balance of drainage and moisture retention. Beans, corn, carrots, greens and all your favourite vegetables will thrive when planted in our loam. What’s good for your veggies is also good for your turf and grass seed. So if you are installing a grass lawn, mix about six inches of our loam into your soil. Many species of trees thrive in loamy soil. It has the right balance to hold nutrients and water while draining the excess moisture away so tiny roots don’t rot.

Our loam mixture is screened of any lumps and stones so the soil is granular and easy to work. For vegetable gardens and healthy gardens in Cheshire, loam from Lindow Turf is the topsoil you want. We sell our loam in bags or loose by the 10 or 20-tonne load. Doing business with us is easy because our priority is pleasing our customers with friendly service and providing professional service. We are landscape gardeners with the expertise to create beautiful results. If you need some garden design ideas, we’ll work with you to design a perfect space small or large. We’ll get it just the way you want it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our mixture of loam in Cheshire is priced right and the quality is the best. If you are needing gardening mulch or flower bedding topsoil, we have that available for you. All of our products are proven to be effective because we use them ourselves in our commercial landscaping projects. If it doesn’t work for us, we’re not going to sell it to you. Check with us often for your turf and gardening needs because our product line is ever increasing. Contact Lindow Turf and we’ll help you figure the amount of loam you need for your project. You’ll find our prices competitive and the quality of product and customer service high.

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