Turf in Bramhall

Turf in BramhallWhen you buy turf in Bramhall, there are a few things you need to know if you want a good deal. For instance, we have our own seed mixture designed to produce a fine quality turf with good colour year round.  It thrives in the sun but will tolerate some shade and resists disease. Since our turf is sturdy, it’s a perfect all-purpose turf for both home and commercial use. Our turf can stand up to playing children in your garden, foot traffic for local businesses and sports fields. You can count on an eye appealing thick healthy green turf that improves the appearance of your property. Since our turf is priced right for superior quality, you’ll get your best deal from us.

A good deal on premium turf can be lost if you skip important steps of installation. We are landscapers with many years of experience so we know in Bramhall, turf needs a good start and that comes from proper installation. You want to cut away any existing patches of turf before laying new. The raw dirt then needs the top few inches to be turned over and loosely raked. Add a few inches of our premium topsoil to boost the nutrients needed by your turf to thrive. We have everything you need including the knowledge and products to develop healthy and sturdy turf. A healthy grass lawn is not difficult to create if you’re willing to follow a few simple but important steps and follow up with a maintenance plan. Our expert advice and quality turf products is the place to begin.

As easy as installing natural turf in Bramhall is when you count on us, some still think it’s too much trouble, even when we do the work. Don’t worry as we have a solution for this group. We sell and professionally install artificial turf. The quality of this and our skills of installation result in a gorgeous natural looking grass lawn. This is the best way to enjoy a beautiful turf lawn without the maintenance. You can forget the Sunday morning lawn mowing, quarterly fertilisation, annual dethatching and aeration. Some people find those maintenance tasks therapeutic and the results gratifying. If you’re not one of them, consider artificial turf. Whichever you prefer, real or like real, contact Lindow Turf. We have the solution to your need for a lovely green lawn.

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