Turf in Stockport

Turf in StockportThis is a good time of year to buy turf in Stockport. Spring is on its way and everything will start to grow. Your new grass will have time to settle before it begins to grow, which is quite important to the eventual health of the grass. When laying new turf it is important to keep off the new grass as it is easily crushed. The area prepared for the turf needs to be free from stones and preferably fertilised or layered with good quality loam. Once the turf is in position, try to avoid walking on it for at least two to three weeks. Use planks or boards on the grass if you need to cross the area. Do not leave them on the grass for more than a few days as they will cause the grass to turn yellow from lack of light.

We supply top quality soil to prepare your base layer for your new lawn. In Stockport, turf must have a layer of good soil packed with microorganisms to allow it to receive the nutrition it needs to grow strong and healthy. Our soil is screened to remove weeds and stones so that you do not have any unwanted plants growing in your grass. We use a special seed mix to grow our turf and carefully choose the type of grass best suited to our area. It is grown in soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients which is why it roots and grows easily on well prepared and watered surface.

Our company supplies some of the best quality turf in Stockport. Contact Lindow Turf today and let us now the size of the area to be covered and we will help you work out the quantity you need. We are a family run business with over 40 years of experience in the business of lawn and garden products. Besides turf, we also supply many different landscaping products such as bark mulch which is suitable for borders and paths in the garden. Our play bark is used in children’s nurseries and in school playgrounds as well as outdoors in pubs and restaurants.

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