Top Quality Loam in Cheshire for a Thriving Garden

loam in CheshireIf you are searching for loam in Cheshire, then you know what your plants need to survive and thrive. Not everybody knows the difference a good loam will make in their garden. They watch their efforts go for nothing without finding out why their plants failed to survive. Loam, which is a soil type, is best for healthy plants. It’s actually a combination of soil types; silt, clay and sand in equal parts. Soil organisms, like earthworms, love loam. The earthworms and other organisms keep the loam fertilised and aerated. They keep the nutrient, oxygen and water content ideal for plant growth and prevent the soil from drying out. However, each component of loam is essential to the healthy plant.

The silt adds nutrition, the clay adds structure and the sand controls the flow of water in loam. For avid gardeners in Cheshire, loam is their garden essential. Once the soil in your garden area has been tilled, top it off with a few inches of our rich loam. Add your plants, sunshine and water and you have the recipe for gardening success. Although gardeners can walk into a garden shop and purchase loam, they don’t really know if that’s what they’re getting or if the ratios are correct. When you buy your loam from us, you are buying exactly the same product we use for our own landscaping and gardening business. The loam we sell is the real deal or we would not have lasted in business all these years.

Choose loam in Cheshire for your garden projects and we think you’ll be pleased with the results. We can sell our loam to you by the bag for smaller projects like border beds or we can deliver it to you by the tonne. Your plants will thank you for providing the right pH balance for them to produce. Contact Lindow Turf to find out more about our loam. We’re happy to explain about the benefits of loam and answer any other questions you may have about ground preparation for planting. When your neighbours compliment you on your gift for growing healthy plants, it would be nice if you mentioned our name and our quality products. But, if you want to take all the credit, we do understand.

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