Add Nutrients to Your Soil, Add Loam in Bramhall

Loam in BramhallDo you need loam in Bramhall? You may not know exactly what loam is but your garden guide keeps mentioning loam and interchanging that word with soil and sometimes top soil. You always thought dirt was dirt so what difference does it make. For your plants to grow well, they need nutrients. If your dirt is short on those nutrients your plants won’t thrive unless you add nutrients. You will see many different brands and nutrient content of plant food lined up on garden shop shelves. Just try to get it right without a degree in horticulture and soil management. If you add loam and work it into the top few inches of your ordinary dirt, you will be adding the needed nutrients your plants will need.

Loam is soil with a particular make up of almost equal parts of sand, silt and clay. When gardening in Bramhall, loam should be a bit lighter on the clay ratio. Clay is dense which makes it difficult for young roots to penetrate. However, it is high in nutrients so you want some of it in your growing soil. Sand is good because it’s loose. Water flows through it easily and it’s arable. Sand allows the water to hang around long enough for the roots to get to it but not so long that the roots drown in the water. Silt is a granular material, mostly quartz and feldspar granules. It’s weight and porosity is in between that of clay and sand. It’s compactable qualities help keep nutrients and water in place long enough for your plants to benefit.

Put it all together and you have loam in Bramhall from Lindow Turf that is ideal for growing plants. You don’t have to think too hard about it because we’ve already done that. Before you plant or lay turf, work about six inches of our loam into your soil. The roots now have the nutrients they need to thrive. So when somebody says you need to add topsoil, ask what they mean by that. Contact Lindow Turf and we’ll explain the benefits and uses of all our products. We are full of information that will help your garden grow and pleased to share our experience with customers. You’ll see that gardening isn’t all that difficult.

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