Soil in Wilmslow

Soil in WilmslowOur high-quality soil in Wilmslow contains some of the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the earth’s biological soil activity occurs. Four elements constitute the composition of soil. These elements are mineral particles, organic matter, water and air. This composition allows the soil to sustain its own weight and other internal matter such as water and overlying landscape. Organic matter is one of the most important elements as it breaks down to become useable for the plants. Many people also use top soil to rejuvenate the garden.  Whether for flowers or vegetables your plants will grow faster and stronger with top soil.  To make one inch of top soil takes around a thousand years.

When rejuvenating your lawn in Wilmslow, soil quality needs to be high. Many people use the soil as a dressing for the lawn.  This way when rolled it evens out the ground and gets rid of little hollows in the lawn which can cause one to stumble or fall.  You will also notice that the grass growing through the top soil is far greener than it was. Flower beds will benefit from top soil as well.  If you dig it into the flowerbeds the microorganisms will make the whole bed more efficient at distributing nutrients and your flowers will be lovelier than before.  It goes without saying that your vegetables will be healthier for you to eat after introducing top soil to your vegetable patch.

Our company provides exceptional soil in Wilmslow and fresh, healthy turf. Contact Lindow Turf today and order as much soil or loam as you need. For over 40 years we have been supplying clients in our area with some of the most fertile and useful soil for their gardens. Besides soil and turf, we also supply a variety of bark which is used in different ways. The bark mulch is usually placed on borders or paths whereas our play bark is normally used in schools and daycare centres. It is often used in playgrounds to soften the fall when climbing or playing. We also supply artificial grass where it is required, usually in areas where lawn will not grow such as underneath trees.

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