Loam in Bramhall

Loam in BramhallThe best loam in Bramhall at the best price is at Lindow Turf. This is what you want so your plants will grow strong and healthy. All soil based plants benefit from loam soil including flowers, vegetables, fruits and more. What makes it special is texture which is defined by the percentage of silt, clay and sand. The right texture provides high nutrient quality and proper drainage abilities. Sand does not hold water but allows for aeration. Small clay particles pack down and hold water allowing no air to penetrate. Silt falls somewhere between sand and clay but is rich in organics and nutrients. Our formulation of these soils is ideal for all your planting needs. We have a premium blend for flowerbeds and for turfing and lawn seeding.

Our topsoil loam is sandy and screened to remove all lumps and stones that can be seen with the naked eye. This is ideal in Bramhall, loam for seed lawns and turf planting. Our flowerbed loam contains more of the needed organic matter. We have it all and now we have even more. We’re adding more products to our line to better meet more of our customer’s needs. We’re selective, choosing to offer only quality proven products to our customers. So when you visit us for turf, top soil and gardening soil you can now select landscaping mulch, playground bark, lawn seed and fertilisers. We also stock permeable MOT for use in levelling and as a sub-base for hardscape projects to assist with drainage and maintain the PH balance.

You can count on us for loam in Bramhall for your planting and gardening needs. The formulation and quantity will always be consistent and as advertised. Our professional customer service is based on our appreciation for our customers and our knowledge of our products. We are landscape gardeners so we know only complete customer satisfaction will do. Contact Lindow Turf and tell us what you need. Our aftercare is as conscientious as our initial customer service so if there are any problems, we’ll help you work them out. We’re here to help so if you have questions about any of our products or what works best, we’re glad to find the answer for you.

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