Loam in Alderley Edge

Loam in Alderley EdgeYou can purchase loam in Alderley Edge from Lindow Turf. Some gardeners like to concoct their own mixture of loam by turning their soil loosely and adding what’s missing in the right ratios for successful plant growth.  But really, the product we sell has already been compounded from the correct ratios of equal amounts of sand and clay with a little less silt mixed in. Each component has a job to do in nourishing and protecting your plants. What you want is nutrient-rich soil which is found in clay, silt that will hold water to nourish the plants and sand which allows excess water to drain away before drowning the roots. Our loam mixture is superior and it’s a product you can trust. We use only top quality soil mixtures that are porous. We don’t buy from construction sites where only low-grade soil is found.

Loam is loose and grainy which allows oxygen to mix in with the sand, clay and silt. For gardens in Alderley Edge, loam makes all the difference to your plants because of drainage, oxygen and the nutrient dense organic material. When you use loam you are creating the ideal conditions for plants to grow their best. Buying your loam from us means that you’re getting the real deal at a reasonable cost. It’s screened to remove stones and lumps so the loam is also ideal for new lawns and turf. We also sell premium screened top soil if you prefer for new lawns as well as the fresh cut turf. We sell to the trades, individuals and our team can do your installation.

We sell loam in Alderley Edge as well as many other turfing and gardening products. Forty years ago we established our family-owned business as a turf service. Through the years, as we’ve come across tried and true products that we use ourselves. We’ve made those products available to our customers. Our sandy loam is one of those products as is our turf, special grass seed and topsoil. For other landscaping needs, consider our playground bark, mulch, border soil and landscaping aggregates. Contact us and tell us about your landscaping plans. We’re always glad to help you plan, make recommendations, and answer questions. If you ask what soil makes the biggest and brightest flowers we’re going to tell you the truth; it’s our sandy loam.

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