Loam in Stockport

Loam in StockportHome gardeners and landscapers come to us at Lindow Turf for loam in Stockport. For some plantings it’s the best top soil to use. Ours is screened down to 8mm so there’s no stones or vegetation mixed in. We have lovely fine topsoil rich in nutrients that is perfect for borders and flowers beds. But for plants that need more soil drainage, our sandy loam is ideal. Good drainage equals less chance of root rot, fungus growth and other diseases. It’s very easy to work with and tilling it is quite easy. Sandy loam is a great topsoil for new lawns whether installing our premium turf or grass seed mixture. Other plants that benefit from sandy loam are trees, shrubs, some flowers and some fruits and vegetables. Sandy loam is ideal for growing herbs.

We are here to answer your questions about planting and make recommendations based on experience. For hostas, berries, honeysuckle, lavender, cacti and much more in Stockport, loam is perfect. When the planting instructions say plant in well-drained soil then sandy loam is what you want. This is topsoil made up of sand, clay and silt. Air and water moves through it easily and the nutrients come from the clay and sediment or silt. Now because water flows so easily through this topsoil creating excellent drainage, it carries away some of the nutrients. So you’ll need the right fertiliser and application schedule to keep your plants healthy. We can advise you on that and supply the right fertiliser for your plants.

Lindow Turf has been supplying garden and lawn products like loam in Stockport for over 40 years. Our product range includes bark mulch and play bark, seed and fertiliser, topsoil, turf, seedlings or MOT plants as well as our sandy loam. Call us when you’re getting ready to plant or lay sod. We can help you make a success of it with our products. Before and after planting advice and guidance is yours for just a phone call. Our customer service is designed to make using our products easy to do and easy to understand. Landscapers who need to turn a profit and domestic gardeners alike need quality products and competitive costs. At Lindow Turf, we offer both and great customer service.

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