The Best Soil in Bramhall

Soil in BramhallThere may be times when you need soil in Bramhall to fill new flowerbeds or replace soil in areas that have subsided. You may need top soil for areas on the lawn that need levelling or border blend soil for your flowerbeds. These are two different types of soil and should be ordered accordingly. We can deliver properly screened and cleaned soil in quantities from 20kg bags up to 20-tonne truckloads. Soil replacement can also aid drainage where an area has become waterlogged. The nutritional value of new soil in a garden can never be overestimated. Every time you put new top soil on your lawn or flowerbeds you are introducing new minerals and microorganisms which feed your plants and lawn.

Be very careful where you acquire your filling material. In Bramhall, soil is carefully treated and screened to remove weeds and stones. These are two things you do not want to introduce into your garden. The stones will fly up every time you mow the grass and can break windows or hurt small feet. If the soil has not been screened for weeds you may be introducing unwanted plants into your garden that will take many hours to eradicate. This could entail hand removal or the use of herbicides which can be dangerous for the health of the other plants and insects in the garden.

We offer a wide range of products including soil in Bramhall. Our prices are reasonable and our products come in various quantities. Contact Lindow Turf today and order as much or as little soil as you need. We have a large selection of other gardening necessities including artificial grass for areas where natural turf cannot survive such as small courtyards or concreted areas where children play. Our experienced team can help you to design and landscape your garden with efficiently organised plans and will make sure the project is completed to the highest standards. We supply bark in two main types, bark mulch which is suitable for borers and paths in the garden and play bark which is used in schools in children’s play areas.

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