Good Quality Soil in Alderley Edge for Your Vegetable Garden

soil in Alderley EdgeA source of good soil in Alderly Edge is needed if you want to cultivate fresh vegetables, flowers or a lawn from scratch. Years of erosion and leaching has stripped the land in the North West of valuable layers of topsoil. Topsoil is a nutrient-rich layer of soil that feeds growing plants with organic matter. It is vital for plants that have shallow root systems that cannot access the wealth of nutrients deep in the subsoil.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in gardening and subsistence farming in the North West. In Alderley Edge, soil erosion and degradation had been a hindering factor to the success of kitchen gardens and home-grown lawns. However, introducing nutrient-rich topsoil and following sustainable farming practices has begun to turn the tide. Adding fresh topsoil to your garden increases the effectiveness of your fertilizers. With rich well-aerated topsoil, it is easier for your plants to access the fertilizers you apply.

We have been supporting gardening enthusiasts by providing soil in Alderly Edge for years. Our friendly approach has helped us to form lasting bonds with our customers. The two types of soil we specialise in are Screened Top Soil and Border Blend Soil. Our Screened Top Soil has a beautiful sandy texture free of any lumps or stones. It is best used for laying lawns or seeding. The Border Blend Soil is dense and has a rich dark colour. It is ideal for flowerbeds and borders. Both types of soil can be supplied in standard 20 kg bags or the much larger bulk bags. We can also supply the Screened Top Soil in 10 or 20-tonne loads. Purchasing the soil in bulk gives you access to very attractive discounts. Contact Lindow Turf today for more information about our offers and delivery options. Our friendly staff is always open to welcome new customers. We treat every client with the utmost respect and assure you that no job is too big or too small for us.

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