Lawn Turf in Stockport

Lawn Turf in StockportThis is the time of year to plant your lawn turf in Stockport. The grass is beginning to grow and the weather is warming up. If you follow the instructions you should have a beautiful lawn in no time at all. The ground preparation is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lawn as it is the base for the grass to grow strong in the future. If the soil is not correctly prepared it will never produce the best results. Soil needs to be turned over thoroughly to a depth of around 15cm and all stones, weeds and debris must be removed. Level the soil off until the entire area is evenly firm and level. Never walk directly on newly laid turf or the prepared soil, use planks or boards to distribute the weight. Place the turf strips abutting each other without leaving any gaps. Water well as soon as the turf is laid and continue watering daily until the grass has rooted firmly.

We make sure to only grow the most suitable cultivars for our customers. In Stockport, lawn turf seeds are chosen for their hardiness and their ability to tolerate shade. The mixture of seeds we sow is particularly good at resisting various diseases that can damage your lawn. Ensuring a beautiful lawn throughout the year is easy with a regular application of fertiliser to help the grass grow strong and thick for a perfect lawn.

Our family run business specialises in quality lawn turf in Stockport. Contact Lindow Turf today to order your turf or topsoil from our company. Our team will help you to calculate how much material you will need for your project. We have over 40 years of experience in growing and supplying lawn turf as well as a wide range of landscaping products. We supply bark for mulch in an assortment of different sizes depending on the usage. This versatile bark can be used for borders and garden paths as well as mulching. We supply different bark for school playgrounds and nurseries which is used to prevent children from hurting themselves when they fall. Some restaurants and pubs use the bark to give a clean and rustic atmosphere to their premises.

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